4 Interesting Facts About Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle treatment has fast become extremely popular in the UK. Thousands of men and women are now turning to wrinkle treatment injections to slow down the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases on their skin.

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If you’re considering getting wrinkle treatment or haven’t quite made up your mind, here at 4 interesting facts you should know about the cosmetic treatment.


It can cure migraines

Wrinkle treatment was actually approved by the FDA back in 2013 to be used as an effective treatment for migraines. There isn’t any scientific information behind why wrinkle treatment is successful in tackling these severe headaches, but it’s been proven as doing so. Many doctors have theorised that it’s because it stops pain signals from reaching your nerve endings.


It can stop you sweating

Do you suffer from constant sweating? We don’t mean after you’ve hit the gym or been for a long walk, we mean the people who sweat just moving a fraction. If you constantly worry about your shirts being stained with sweat before the morning tea break, wrinkle treatment has actually been proven to stop this. You can get it injected into your sweat glands under your skin, and it temporarily blocks chemical signals from the nerves that are responsible for your sweat glands.


It’s considered as being non-invasive

After teeth whitening, wrinkle treatment is considered as being the second most popular non-invasive type of cosmetic treatments. It’s been compared to a mosquito bite – hurts at first but isn’t very painful. In fact, a lot of people claim that it doesn’t hurt at all – but this will all depend on your individual pain threshold. It’s known for being an extremely safe procedure, and requires little to no down time.


Could help with depression

Studies have shown that wrinkle treatment could be used to help those who are suffering from depression. Just a single injection of wrinkle treatment could actually ease some of the symptoms of depression. Facial muscles are expressed by emotions, which in return send back feedback signals to the brain which reinforce these emotions. Therefore, studies have discovered that for people who have wrinkle treatment for their frown lines, there has been a positive effect on their mood.

Getting wrinkle treatment should be your decision alone but if you do want to speak to a medical professional about your options, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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