How to Get the Perfect Complexion

Everyone wants their skin to be as perfect as possible. It’s important to remember that perfect skin doesn’t happen overnight, and needs to be worked on.

As a company that specialises in a range of beauty treatments such as wrinkle treatment and skin peel treatment in Birmingham, we know quite a lot about the causes of damaged skin. We also know that bad skin can sometimes be avoided, as long as you follow certain tips and tricks.

We’ve put together a list of the best advice that we have for getting a perfect complexion and making bad skin days a thing of the past!

Ditch The Soap

Most soap is highly alkaline, which is extremely bad for your skin and can cause a lot of damage. This is a good enough reason to cross it off your shopping list!

A lot of people believe that they should be washing their face with soap, but this isn’t the case. If you have oily skin then you should wash your face with warm water, or cool water for those with dry skin.

We also recommend choosing a soap-free cleanser as an alternative.

Be Safe In The Sun

It probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone that the sun can be bad for your skin. Putting aside the risks of skin cancer, it can also leave your skin vulnerable to premature aging.

You should always take precautions on a sunny day, such as putting on sun cream and choosing to wear a hat that can offer some shade to your face.

Get New Makeup

There is nothing worse for your skin than using makeup that’s two years old. Foundation that has been open for a long time is more likely to gather bacteria, which will damage your skin. To avoid this, we suggest replacing your foundation at least every 6 months.

You might also be tempted to pile on makeup to make your skin look flawless, but underneath it’s doing more harm than good. Heavy makeup can clog your pores and leave your skin irritated. You are also more likely to grow spots.

Always Moisturise

It might sound like a cliché, but you can improve bad skin by making sure you moisturise. It doesn’t matter what skin type you have, everyone should moisturise at least once a day.

We recommend doing so after you’ve washed your face, as it locks in the moisture and stops your skin from drying out.

Change Your Lifestyle Choices

Your lifestyle choices can have both positive and negative effects on your skin. This is why it’s important to make some healthy changes if you’re committed to getting clearer skin.

As you’re probably aware, smoking is bad for your health. However, it’s also really bad for your skin. It can cause wrinkles, change the colour of your skin and cause it to age quicker.

You should also make sure that you’re getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night, because the tired look isn’t great for the skin! It makes it appear dull and washed out.

You need to watch what you eat too. As we discussed in the last blog, there are certain foods that are great for getting perfect skin.

Making the right choices today can help improve your skin tomorrow!

We hope that you take our skincare tips onboard so that you can make steps towards achieving the perfect complexion. However, if you feel like your skin needs a something more, then we can help you out. Here at Fiona Clossick, we provide a wide range of beauty treatments that can make your skin look clear and healthy once again.

To find out more about our treatments and what we offer, please feel free to  contact us. You can give us a call on 07815904578 and a member of our staff will be happy to help you arrange a consultation.

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