Is Your Exercise Routine Ruining Your Skin?

We all know that exercise is a fantastic way of staying fit and healthy. Alongside a healthy diet, it’s one of the best ways to maintain a balanced weight and become strong and active. Apart from this, exercise has also been known to boost people’s confidence and give them a happier outlook on life. This is thanks to all the endorphins that are released as we work out.

However, what sort of effect is your exercise routine having on your skin? And is there a way to continue working out whilst giving skin the protection it needs?

Blame the Makeup

Working out without your makeup on might sound like the worse thing ever, but what if we told you that it’s the biggest contributor towards spots? When you exercise, your body perspires which eliminates toxins in return. When you perspire whilst wearing a face full of makeup, these toxins remain on your skin, which then causes the appearance of frustrating spots and rashes. To avoid this, it’s important that you wash your face before you exercise. Going after work? Take your face wipes along with you. Plus; can you imagine how you look after sweating off your eyeliner? Not a good look.

Inflammatory Skin Flare Ups

Whilst a red face after exercise is completely normal (and healthy), some types of exercise can actually trigger inflammatory skin problems. The amount of blood that rushes to your skin can trigger existing skin conditions such as rosacea – making them worse than they were. You can’t always avoid this happening but you can stop it from leaving long lasting effects. By washing your face with cold water every morning, you can stimulate your blood circulation which will improve your skins collagen in return.

Suffer from Chafing?

Have you ever experienced frustrating friction burns during a workout? This uncomfortable feeling is chafing and is something that happens to almost everyone at some point during exercise. It’s caused when skin rubs onto skin, often triggered through large amounts of sweating. To avoid this becoming a problem (for your exercise sessions AND your skin), you should choose to wear materials that are smooth and have low friction. For women who are large chested, a sports bra that has two separate cups is a fantastic way to avoid the skin rubbing in this area.

Stop Procrastinating at Home 

When you finish your work out, you should always change out of your clothes and get a shower. This should be done ASAP after your workout. You should take a cool shower and shampoo your hair after exercise, as this gets rid of bacteria on your skin that perspiration has left behind. If you don’t shower, you’re far more likely to suffer from repeated breakouts. Let’s be honest, you probably smell pretty gross anyway.

Sometimes you need a little help when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Here at Fiona Clossick Facial Aesthetics, we specialise in non-surgical treatments that help you to maintain your youthful looks.

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