Overcome These Top 3 Lip and Smile Concerns

Never underestimate the power of a smile. When we smile, our muscles help to release endorphins, making us feel happy on the inside and exuding confidence to the outside world. We all want to achieve the perfect smile. However, aside from poor dental health, many of us suffer from lip and mouth concerns that can make us shy away from flashing our grins. Read more about three common lip predicaments that hinder our quest for a flawless smile.

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Gummy Smiles

This is caused when gums are heavily exposed when smiling. Usually, the top lip is situated far up above the upper set of teeth, leading to gum tissue overshadowing the smile. One of the causes could be a hyperactive upper lip muscle, but you’ll be glad to know we offer botox injections in Birmingham to help counteract this. Botox helps to relax the overactive muscle in the lip and, over time, dramatically lessens the appearance of gums when smiling.

Uneven Lips

If one side of your lips is bigger than the other, or you suffer from thinning lips, it can make smiles seem unsymmetrical and can knock self-esteem. This can be due to our genetics or as a side-effect of the natural ageing process. To help create a more proportional and even smile, lip fillers can boost the volume and definition of your lips – whilst maintaining a natural look. Lip fillers can also help you achieve a fantastic smile and give you back that alluring pout.

Vertical Lip Lines

Deep wrinkles around the mouth are caused by regular lip movement and can be a common side-effect of smoking. For a wrinkle-free smile, we offer treatments such as Dermaroller in Birmingham to help smooth and regenerate your skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth. Dermaroller treatment can help to stimulate new skin cells and reverse the effects of premature ageing.

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For the best treatments to get your confidence back on track, contact us at our centre in Birmingham for an assessment and to discuss the right options for you and your smile.

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