Preparing Your Skin for Autumn

As you wave goodbye to summer, your skin transitions to another season alongside the weather. Summer has left your skin in need of gentle love and care, to repair the damage done by the sun and the heat. Before autumn completely settles in, ensuring your skin is ready for the cooler months is important.

Gently Exfoliate

By exfoliating your skin, you remove a layer of dead skin cells that accumulates on your skin’s surface. As you age, your skin’s ability to regenerate slows down and so does its ability to get rid of old skin cells. If they stay on your face, they leave your complexation looking dull and dry. And you might notice your skin becoming oilier, with increased acne and clogged pores.

During summer, the sun has added to your skin feeling dry;a gentle exfoliation routine once a week will ensure that you remove the layer of dead skin cells and will provide a glowing look to your skin.

Adapt Your Diet

Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants are vital for your skin’s health. Other vitamins like A, C, and E will aid you in repairing the damage done to your skin during summer and boost your skin’s resistance for autumn.

Food like salmon, apples, bananas, chestnuts, and other vegetables, fruits, and cold-water fish will help your body and your skin from the inside. You can easily adapt your diet all year around to guarantee constant repair and protection from the elements.

Stay Hydrated

As the weather becomes dryer with autumn arriving, your skin starts peeling and feeling irritated. Proper hydration makes your skin healthier and less prone to wrinkles. By drinking water regularly throughout day  ̶  and remember that coffee and tea don’t count!  ̶  you’ll help your skin get rid of toxins and become smoother.

Moisturise to Repair

Another vital step to ensure your skin is ready for autumn is to moisturise and repair it. To maintain your skin’s smooth texture and to provide it with resistance against the cold’s damage, you need to incorporate a twice-daily moisturising routine into your day. A good moisturiser will provide relief to the effects of the cold and the wind, while repairing the external, protective layer of your skin.

Your skin’s well-being is a priority for us, which is why we always ensure you receive the best possible service. If you want to know more about how we can give you extra help in taking care of your skin, get in touch with our expert team today on 07815904578.

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