Skincare: Fact or Fiction?

We’ve all heard some pretty weird skincare ‘facts’ in our time that have probably been passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes, these old wives tales are rooted somewhere in fact, but have been altered through the ages, while others are nothing more than complete fiction. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common skincare myths, and ask whether they’re fact or fiction.

Chocolate Gives You Spots


Hurrah! No longer do you have to live in fear that that one square of chocolate will leave its mark on your face. Having said that, it’s worth remembering that too much of anything is a bad thing. So if your diet is largely based around chocolate bars and burgers, you’re likely to see that reflected in your skin, as well as the rest of your general health. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a little chocolate treat every now and then.

Wash Your Face as Often as Possible to Clear Up Acne


While it’s true that you should cleanse your face every day, it’s not necessary to wash it at every opportunity you have. Not only will this do nothing to get rid of pimples and spots, it’ll probably make it even worse. When you constantly wash your face, your skin is being dried out, and your body’s response is to produce more natural oils to replace all that lost moisture, which in turn could lead to even more breakouts.

Drink Water if You Have Dry Skin

FACT (sort of)

Your body needs plenty of fluids to stay healthy, so it makes sense that drinking water is good for your skin. However, if you have dry skin, it doesn’t necessarily mean that drinking a few extra glasses of water is going to solve it. While we don’t want to discourage you from drinking lots of water, you shouldn’t expect it to be the miracle cure to all your skin problems.

You Should Always Remove Makeup Before Bed


Remember your mum nagging you to wipe that makeup off before you go to bed? She wasn’t just concerned about black mascara smudges on your pillow case, she was also trying to look after your skin. Your skin needs time to breathe, and night-time is when it has the best opportunity to do this. If you don’t remove your makeup before you hit the hay, you’re likely to suffer from breakouts in the morning – so even though it can seem like a drag when all you want to do is flop into bed, make sure to take a couple of minutes to clean your face.

You Don’t Need to Use Sun Cream on a Cloudy Day


Just because the sun is hiding doesn’t mean that its UV rays are as well. Even on a cloudy day, your skin needs to be protected for the harmful rays that can penetrate a layer of clouds. It’s a good idea to invest in a tinted moisturiser as you can use this as a foundation that also gives you that added protection. When picking a factor for your sun cream, it’s advisable to opt for one that is SPF 30 or higher as this will give you more effective protection.

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