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Best sclerotherapy treatment

Have you been searching for the best sclerotherapy treatment? Welcome to Fiona Aesthetics, a professional clinic based in Birmingham and run by Fiona Clossick. We focus on providing all our our customers with solutions that help with skin rejuvenation and enhancement. With over 14 years of experience, we are able to provide you with the most advanced non-surgical procedures available. To enquire about the best sclerotherapy treatment in Birmingham, contact us today.   Sclerotherapy addresses any unwanted varicose, thread and spider veins over the body. These often appear in old age around the knees, thighs, ankles and calves, and are red and blue blood vessels below the surface of the skin or look like slight blemishes. Some women struggle with self confidence as a result of these veins and seek out medical advice. Here at Fiona Aesthetics we can offer professional advice on the best sclerotherapy treatment available.   If … Read more

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