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Dermal Fillers Birmingham

How would you like dermal fillers in Birmingham? Here at Fiona Clossick Facial Aesthetics, we are a skin clinic that provide the best dermal fillers in Birmingham. We are highly qualified and experts in the skin treatment industry and will always ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the results. Fiona Clossick Facial Aesthetics have over 30 years of experience in the medical industry, being a specialist in non-surgical facial aesthetics. We provide a wide variety of treatments, including Muscle Relaxant, Dermal Fillers, Dermaroller, Skin Peels, Lip Enhancements, Sclerotherapy, Short-Wave Diathermy and PDO Thread Lift. We aim to deliver a high quality skin rejuvenating treatment, which will be carried out in a friendly, welcoming environment. We are more than happy to explain the best treatments for your skin, as we sometimes find that a combination of beauty treatments is the most effective way of achieving the best results. When people … Read more

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We all want scrumptious skin; however, as we get older, wrinkles do appear. There are lots of temporary anti-ageing products on the market, today, but just like celebrities, everyday people are now electing to apply a more permanent solution to wrinkles. Wrinkle treatment, has become a household name. There are 5 well known brands of wrinkle treatment in the UK and they are all highly-effective. It has been reported that 3 out of every 10 women have considered wrinkle treatment as well as 1 in every 20 men! The effects of this treatment can last between 3 and 5 months and take 5-7 days, from the date of treatment, to become apparent. It can also be used for people who suffer from excess perspiration in the facial area; the injections relax the muscles the patient doesn’t sweat as heavily. The expressed consensus opinion amongst Fiona Aesthetics wrinkle treatment patients is … Read more

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