Top Tips to Maximize the Effects of Dermaroller

Dermaroller is a fantastic way to rejuvenate skin which is looking aged, dull or damaged by the sun, and clients who undergo the recommended three sessions will see an astounding difference in the look of their skin. However, you can really maximise the results of this skin rejuvenation technique by adopting these top skin care techniques in between your appointments for Dermaroller in Birmingham.

1. Keep Skin Hydrated

Dehydrated skin can look dull and can cause wrinkles and deep pores to look more prominent. Drinking plenty of water can keep skin looking plump, fresh and radiant, and it may even help it to recover faster after your Dermaroller appointments. You can further hydrate the skin by using a high-quality moisturiser twice each day; just be sure to choose a gentle one that won’t irritate the skin during the first 24 hours after having Dermaroller treatments.

2. Wear SPF, Even in Overcast Weather

Your skin will be a little more sensitive than usual during the first few days after each Dermaroller session, so avoid sun exposure where possible to prevent causing damage to the skin throughout this period. However, even when your skin is fully recovered from the treatment, you should make sun protection a priority. UV rays really accelerate skin ageing and can increase the risk of wrinkles and sun spots, so to maintain the youthful effects of Dermaroller for as long as possible you should invest in a high quality, broad-spectrum SPF of factor 30 or higher. Be sure to wear it every day, even if it looks grey and cloudy outside, because up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds.

3. Combine Dermaroller with Other Treatments

Dermaroller can be combined with a range of other treatments to produce truly impressive results for the skin, so be sure to ask at your Dermaroller appointment about procedures which would further benefit your skin. Skin peels could be more effective when performed a few weeks after Dermaroller, while Botox and dermal fillers could be effective treatments for prolonging Dermaroller’s anti-wrinkling effects.

If you’d like more information about undergoing Dermaroller in Birmingham, be sure to contact us with any queries or questions.

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