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Uma jeunesse dermal filler

Welcome to Fiona Aesthetics. With over 40 years of experience in the medical and aesthetic field, Fiona is a specialist and expert at what she does. As a result she offers quality treatments that are usually using the latest technologies and newest procedures in the industry. If you have been looking into having uma jeunesse dermal filler in particular, Fiona has been using it for years and has had fantastic results with many clients so you can have peace of mind that you will be in the safest of hands. Being well-known in Birmingham for carrying out some of the best dermal fillers in the local area, Fiona Aesthetics is the only clinic that you will need to visit. Dermal Fillers are a fantastic option when looking to plump out and smooth and fine/deep lines or wrinkles. Fiona has used uma jeunesse dermal filler for years and has found this … Read more

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Diathermy Birmingham

Welcome to Fiona Aesthetics. We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in a wide range of aesthetic treatments. Our aim is to restore, enhance and maintain beautiful looks through specialist non-surgical treatments and by using the very latest of technologies. If you have visible veins or spider veins on the face that are a problem to you, you may have be looking into treatment options. Fiona Aesthetics offer diathermy in Birmingham, which is a highly effective method for treating facial veins. If you have been looking for a clinic that offers diathermy in Birmingham, contact our team of specialists today. If you have been looking for diathermy in Birmingham, Fiona Aesthetics have practised this treatment safely for many years and ensure that clients are always in the safest of hands. If you have been looking into diathermy in Birmingham, you may be aware that the process includes a very fine needle … Read more

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PDO Thread Lift Birmingham

Are you looking for a PDO thread lift treatment in Birmingham? Fiona Clossick Facial Aesthetics is the best skin clinic to carry out your PDO thread lift treatments in Birmingham. We are experts in the skin treatment industry and always ensure that our customers are 100% happy with the results. At Fiona Clossick Facial Aesthetics, we provide a wide variety of treatments, including Muscle Relaxant, Dermal Fillers, Dermaroller, Skin Peels, Lip Enhancements, Sclerotherapy, Short-Wave Diathermy and PDO Thread Lift in Birmingham, from our clinic in Rubery. We are more than happy to explain the best options for your requirements as sometimes, a combination of beauty treatments is the most effective way of achieving the best results. Fiona Clossick has over 30 years experience in the medical industry, specialising in non-surgical facial aesthetics. We are focused on delivering the highest quality skin rejuvenation treatments, which are carried out in a welcoming, … Read more

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5 Benefits of Lip Augmentation

Many women are now seeking to change the shape of their lips for a number of reasons and there are real benefits of doing so. The procedure carried out to achieve a fuller lip is known as ‘lip augmentation’ which will improve the shape and size of the lips. There are a number of advantages to having a lip augmentation procedure. Here are just a few:   Photo: Beautiful Women by RLJ Photography NYC licensed under Creative commons 4

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How Dermaroller Treatment Combats Acne

Having clear, smooth skin is considered to be one of the principle ways we maintain youthful good looks, and a healthy glow. Sometimes, however, skin can develop acne which seriously undermines confidence, and creates challenges when it comes to looking and feeling your best. Acne is the most common skin complaint which people suffer with, and doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age, race or skin type. It is estimated that around 80 percent of people will develop acne at some point in their lives, usually starting in the teenage years, and affecting people up to the age of around 30.

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Let’s Talk About Scarring

Scarring is one of the most common skin complaints we come across here at Fiona Clossick Aesthetics. Whether from acne, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation or injury to the skin, scars can have a detrimental effect on self-esteem. The good news is, if you’re looking to treat scarring, we have several options available. We’ve outlined a few common complaints and their causes below, and how our procedures can help with them:

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Overcome These Top 3 Lip and Smile Concerns

Never underestimate the power of a smile. When we smile, our muscles help to release endorphins, making us feel happy on the inside and exuding confidence to the outside world. We all want to achieve the perfect smile. However, aside from poor dental health, many of us suffer from lip and mouth concerns that can make us shy away from flashing our grins. Read more about three common lip predicaments that hinder our quest for a flawless smile.

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Preparing Your Skin for Autumn

As you wave goodbye to summer, your skin transitions to another season alongside the weather. Summer has left your skin in need of gentle love and care, to repair the damage done by the sun and the heat. Before autumn completely settles in, ensuring your skin is ready for the cooler months is important.

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5 Facts About Sclerotherapy

As a specialist in skin treatments, we are often asked about the benefits of sclerotherapy. It’s an effective medical procedure that targets varicose veins. We have put together some helpful and important facts on sclerotherapy.

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How Sleep Helps Your Skin

  Your skin is as unique to you as the nose on your face, and the aging process is a perfectly natural part of your life. Supplying wrinkle treatment in Birmingham has allowed us to really appreciate the natural appearance of skin in its many different forms. That’s how we’ve come to find a few rather surprising facts to help your skin look and feel younger, one of which you may rather enjoy; beauty sleep.

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Everyday Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

There are a huge number of habits that people indulge in every single day that are potentially harming the skin and preventing you from getting that perfect flawless complexion. It doesn’t matter how many expensive treatments you put on your face; if you’re committing any of these skin care sins, your skin is not going to look any better.

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Knowing Yourself Inside Out: Skin Types and Care

Everyone wants to look after their skin – to keep it looking and feeling as fresh and youthful as possible. The best way to achieve this is through a good quality skin care regime, using suitable products. However, before you can choose the right skin care routine for you, it’s important that you know what type of skin that you have. Knowing your skin type is absolutely necessary if you are going to make the healthiest choices for your skin.

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How to Get the Perfect Complexion

Everyone wants their skin to be as perfect as possible. It’s important to remember that perfect skin doesn’t happen overnight, and needs to be worked on. As a company that specialises in a range of beauty treatments such as wrinkle treatment and skin peel treatment in Birmingham, we know quite a lot about the causes of damaged skin. We also know that bad skin can sometimes be avoided, as long as you follow certain tips and tricks.

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Skincare: Fact or Fiction?

We’ve all heard some pretty weird skincare ‘facts’ in our time that have probably been passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes, these old wives tales are rooted somewhere in fact, but have been altered through the ages, while others are nothing more than complete fiction. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common skincare myths, and ask whether they’re fact or fiction.

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Wrinkle Treatment Explained

If you are considering having wrinkle treatment, you may have some questions about how it works and what to expect from the procedure. As leading providers of wrinkle treatment in Birmingham, we at Fiona Clossick Facial Aesthetics can answer any questions you may have about the procedure, and in this blog post we will explain how wrinkle treatment works, what you can expect at your appointment and what you can expect following your treatment. What is Wrinkle Treatment? Wrinkle treatment is a drug that is used cosmetically to remove wrinkles by paralysing the muscles. It is delivered by a needle directly to the muscles that are responsible for causing wrinkles and fine lines. The drug then paralyses the muscle, smoothing the wrinkles or lines in the desired area and making the skin appear younger. What Can I Expect From the Procedure? Receiving wrinkle treatment for cosmetic purposes is a simple … Read more

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