5 Facts About Sclerotherapy

As a specialist in skin treatments, we are often asked about the benefits of sclerotherapy. It’s an effective medical procedure that targets varicose veins.

We have put together some helpful and important facts on sclerotherapy.

1.  Targets Varicose Veins

It’s a medical procedure that targets small varicose veins, thread and spider veins. These are the veins that are found mostly around the knees, thighs, calves, and ankles. They are easily identified by visible red and blue blood vessels that are just below the surface of the skin. They either look like blemishes, or in a lot of cases, like big giant bruises.

2. Solution Is Injected

Sclerotherapy involves injecting solution into the vein using a micro needle. This results in the vein collapsing and therefore no longer being visible. It causes the blood to reroute through healthier veins. The vein dies off slowly, and sometimes you may need a couple of treatments before it successfully disappears completely.

3.  Not Just For Cosmetic Purposes

The main reason for why people choose to have sclerotherapy is for cosmetic purposes, but this isn’t the only reason. Whilst people do have it to improve their appearance, it’s also used to improve related symptoms. These include:

  • Swelling
  • Burning
  • Aching
  • Cramps (especially those that happen at night)

4.  Look Out For a Few Side Effects

Sclerotherapy is generally extremely safe and free of any complications. However, as with any medical procedures, there is always a risk of side effects occurring. These may include:

  •  Bruising in treated area
  •  Tiny red blood vessels
  •  Red irritated areas
  •  Allergic reaction

If you’re worried about any side effects, you should always inform a medical professional.

5. Results in 3-6 Weeks

After treatment, you can expect to see results in 3-6 weeks. If you had large veins treated, this may take a lot longer – and sometimes requires a few treatments. However, your doctor will determine if you need more sessions and you usually have to wait 6 weeks. Once veins have been treated, they rarely come back. You should keep an eye out for any new veins.

If you’re thinking about having sclerotherapy, we suggest that you talk to a medical professional.

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