How Sleep Helps Your Skin


Your skin is as unique to you as the nose on your face, and the aging process is a perfectly natural part of your life. Supplying wrinkle treatment in Birmingham has allowed us to really appreciate the natural appearance of skin in its many different forms. That’s how we’ve come to find a few rather surprising facts to help your skin look and feel younger, one of which you may rather enjoy; beauty sleep.



Everybody loves a good nap, whether it’s halfway through your day or a couple of hours before your dinner, taking a much needed rest is always good for your complexion but what does it actually do? How can climbing into bed early or taking a couple of hours out of your day to put your head down really help your skin to look younger and healthier?


Helps to prevent tired looking skin

A good night’s rest helps the regeneration of lost skin cells during the day. This fantastic re-set button gives your body a much needed ‘down time’ in which skin cells have enough energy to plump themselves up and reduce the look of tiredness around your eyes, preventing the late night bags and shadows which can make you look older and worn. Of course if you really want to help keep your skin radiant day in and day out, moisturiser, exfoliator and a healthy, balanced diet can all help improve the quality of your skin, oh, and never forget the miracle of water for beautiful, hydrated skin!



Reduces the aging process

Yes you heard us right, early nights and beauty sleep can help to reduce the aging process. That doesn’t mean you should stay in bed all day every day, it simply means that an early night is healthy for the skin. The rise in growth hormones in your skin cells during rest allows your damaged cells to be repaired so, much as sleep helps to revitalise lifeless, tired looking skin, so to can it help to plump out those small crinkles around your eyes and at the corner of your mouth.



There are many benefits to a decent night’s sleep or a quick nap during your day. It freshens you up, especially if you’ve had a long night, it helps you look more awake and reduces heavy bags under your eyes, wrinkles at the corners of your mouth, and helps your body to regenerate and increase its cell activity giving which is very beneficial for anybody suffering from skin conditions such as eczema. Of course sometimes we all like a little extra help when it comes to making our skin look and feel great. We understand that wrinkle treatment can be a very personal process, that’s why, if you are unsure about anything, our friendly team are here to answer all of your questions, simply contact us on 07815904578 and we’ll be happy to help.


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