How Sun Exposure Can Age Your Skin

The relationship between the sun and our skin is one that is fairly complicated.  Everybody wants a tan but without any of the dangers of sun damage. We recently offered some expert advice on how to achieve the sun kissed look safely, but is our skin ever fully safe from the sun?

Staying out of the sun completely isn’t always a realistic option, especially for those who love nothing more than visiting a hot country on holiday. Therefore it’s essential that you become aware of the dangers of sun exposure so that you can make better and safer decisions.

Fact: The Sun Ages Skin

The sun is regularly linked to the aging of the skin and this is because it’s considered as being the biggest cause. Even if you no longer spend a lot of time sat out in the sun, you may still see effects of prior sun exposure years later.

The effects of sun damage on the skin depend on a number of different factors, such as the amount of exposure, your skin type and your age.

This leads to changes in your appearance that could take a long time to fully appear, such as wrinkles and lines. These are a direct consequence of your skin being damaged by the sun.

Premature Aging

Premature aging is when changes in your skin are not due to the natural aging process, but as a direct result of something external – such as the sun. UV radiation from the sun is what causes the skin to age more rapidly than it should.

Sun damage can leave your skin looking a lot older than it actually is. Wrinkles and lines are often the first signs of aging. Years of sun exposure leads to the thickening of the inner skin which means less moisture is able to be produced. This lack of moisture is the catalyst for wrinkles – especially around the eyes.

It also breaks down collagen and elastin fibers. Without these things, the skin looses strength and flexibility. This also results in older looking skin.

Hidden Dangers of Sun Exposure

Many people dismiss the dangers of sunburn, especially if they are not prone to burning.  These people are simply unaware of what sun damage actually does to our DNA.

UV radiation causes damage to skin cells (you can’t see or feel this). It alters the way that cells produce chemicals. This could be an overproduction of a certain chemical or cause an uneven distribution. This isn’t something that can be judged from whether you burn or not. Changes in skin pigmentation is often the first sign of skin cell damage.

If your skin has been damaged by years of sun exposure, Fiona Clossick offer high quality facial aesthetics that can help reverse these cosmetic changes to the skin. Procedures such as Dermaroller treatments work to regenerate the skin to hide and reduce the signs of aging.

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