Sclerotherapy Birmingham

Are you looking for a treatment to fade the small veins in your skin? Do you need sclerotherapy in Birmingham? Fiona Clossick Facial Aesthetics is a skin clinic, specialising in facial beauty treatments from our clinic in Rubery, Birmingham. We are committed to providing a sclerotherapy treatment in Birmingham that will 100% satisfy you with the results.

As a bespoke facial clinic, we provide a wide variety of skin treatments, from dermal fillers and lip enhancements through to skin peels, sclerotherapy and short-wave diathermy. Sclerotherapy is a medical treatment that is used to remove small varicose, thread and spider veins from the skin. These veins are usually located around the thigh, inner knee, calves and ankles. You may notice these veins through their red and blue blood vessels that are just below the skin’s surface.

Our sclerotherapy treatment in Birmingham involves injecting a solution directly into the vein, using a micro needle that will cause the vein to fade and disappear from view. This treatment is painless and there is usually an overall improvement of around 80-90%. Sclerotherapy does not prevent new veins from emerging, meaning you may need necessary touch-up treatments if veins do appear. If you would like to find out more about our sclerotherapy in Birmingham, please visit our Sclerotherapy page.

We are more than happy to explain any of our treatments to help you make the correct decision, as sometimes, a combination of beauty treatments is the best method to achieving great results. You can discuss our treatments with one of our skin experts by filling out the form on our Request a Call Back page.

For more information, or if you would like to book a sclerotherapy treatment at our clinic in Birmingham, contact Fiona Clossick Facial Aesthetics. Call us on 07815 904 578 or email to schedule a booking. Just enter all necessary information into the email, along with your enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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