Skin Peels

Are you interested in finding out more information about skin peels? We are Fiona Aesthetics, and we are specialists in the aesthetic industry. Offering a wide range of advanced treatments such as, wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers, dermal roller, PDO thread lift, lip enhancement, short-wave diathermy and sclerotherapy, there isn’t anything that we can’t treat, and we can guarantee that you will be in the safest of hands. One of our most popular treatments are our skin peels which is a highly successful, advanced treatment that can help to treat skin concerns and problems. If you are looking for a clinic that offer skin peels, contact Fiona Aesthetics today.

Our specialist skin peels are a fantastic option if you are suffering with problematic skin such as, pigmentation, ageing, rosacea, acne, scarring and even sun damage. It will also dramatically improve your overall skin tone and texture as well as increasing hydration and suppleness. We only use Neostrata advanced polyhydroxyl, glycolic acid for our skin peels which is a superficial to medium depth peel that can only be performed by a trained medical professional. It will remove excess skin debris that has built up on the dermis and stimulate skin cell renewal which will dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. After having skin peels, your results will be instant and you will be wowed with the result. Skin peels are a great option to have done before a special occasion, however to treat skin problems or to achieve a desired result we would recommend a course of six treatments and having one every few weeks to achieve the best possible results. With our Neostrata peels there is usually no downtime as they are less aggressive than other brands of chemical skin peels, but equally highly effective.

We always recommend Neostrata’s range of pre and post peel products to any of our clients who are going to start a programme of skin peels. These will help you to achieve the maximum benefit from your skin peel by preparing your skin prior to your treatment and ensuring it will be recovering properly with the relevant ingredients with soothing and protecting properties.

If you would like more information on skin peels or would like to book in a consultation with one of our specialists here at Fiona Aesthetics, give us a call on 07815904578 or email us at

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