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Summer Skin Care

The sun is shining and thankfully, in the UK this year we have saw some of the best weather we have ever had! However, as most of you know, sun is damaging and drying for our skin so it is time you switched up your skin care regime to ensure that you have healthy, glowing skin throughout the summer months. Prepare Your Skin After a few hard winter months, rich moisturisers and night creams, your skin will be altering to the sun and such skincare will have a negative effect on your skin, unlike the positive effect it had over winter. Prepare your skin with a cleansing facial or try one of our skin peel treatments to remove impurities, any signs of aging and hyperpigmentation so your skin will look fresh, younger and will be ready for the summer months. Change Your Moisturiser Thick moisturising creams will have seen you … Read more

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Beauty Sleep

A study in America has shown the true benefits of ‘beauty sleep’. Sleep has long been known to have restorative effects on the body, but the healing qualities it has on the skin have recently been further discovered. Sleeping allows the body to increase its production of collagen, helping retain water, which contributes to maintaining healthy skin. Equally, sleeping in the dark also has positive effects on the skin, namely that as natural and artificial light eventually begins to damage and dry out our skin, the lack of light protects it and allows it to replenish. As our bodies are actually conditioned to sleep in the dark, we get a better night’s sleep when there is no light present, and this allows our skin to recover at a much better rate. There’s hope for you fidgeters out there too, as further investigation has proven that sleeping for long periods on … Read more

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