Everyday Things That Can Prevent Early-Aging

It goes without saying that smoking cigarettes and spending too much time in the sun can cause damage to your skin and encourage the process of early aging, however, have you ever wondered whether there are things you can do to slow that process down?

Here are a few of the everyday skin crimes we commit, and what to do in order to prevent the process of early aging.

Reduce the stress!

If you feel like you’re stressed more often than you’re not, there could be a problem. When you’re stressed, everything suffers – including your skin, health and of course, your looks. Stress can increase the concentration of hormones in the bloodstream, encouraging a rise in blood pressure and suppressing immunity. Over time, stress can eventually harden your arteries, delay healing processes and even shrink the areas of your brain that involve memory, mood and learning. No wonder you’re feeling old, eh?

Stress is present in most lives, and will never go away completely, but there are certain ways that you can manage it in order to continue with your daily routine without letting it get in the way.

Enjoy exercise!

Exercise offers the perfect solution to keeping fit and turning the clock back on aging and its affect on the body. Too many of us are so guilty of only exercising when we want to lose weight that we forget the physical and health benefits that regular exercise can really have upon your overall lifestyle. If you are guilty of only going to the gym to reach a goal weight, and then taking a few months off, you could really be missing out on some major health perks. Regular exercise can help keep your brain active, reduce inflammation, speed up healing processes and prevent type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions that can crop up over time.

Be social!

When you’re younger, your friends are the main part of your social calendar, and this really shouldn’t change the older you become. No matter what age, you should always find time to meet up with friends and laugh, a lot! Studies have shown that productive and satisfying friendships keep you mentally fresh, and in return can protect against depression, heart disease and even obesity. (Unless you’re ladies who lunch, every day, of course!) Meeting up with friends on a regular basis can make you feel energised and positive for days after, so make sure you dedicate a little of your busy schedule to catching up with loved ones and childhood friends.

Aging is inevitable for us all, but our expert skin and beauty treatments in Birmingham are scientifically designed to help you remain effortlessly ageless for longer. For more information please feel free to contact our friendly team on 07815 904578 or email us at info@fiona-aesthetics.com.


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