Skin Care for Men


Men, we know you need to take care of your skin too. Exfoliating, moisturising, cleansing and eating the right foods are all well and good if you don’t need to worry about keeping your beard hair neatly trimmed or completely absent.

Your skin is delicate, it’s exposed to the elements and suffers from time to time at the claws of the dreaded razor blade. With this in mind, we thought we’d help you find out the best ways to take care of your skin.

Avoiding the Razor Rash

Razor rash is a horrible, painful thing and doesn’t just effect men. Women too can suffer from raw, irritated skin thanks to their razors. The trick is to know how to shave in a way that stops you from experiencing such a painful rash.

Warm Showers

A warm shower is good for getting your skin and hair lovely and soft. One of the main reasons skin irritation occurs with shaving is via due to shaving over resistant hair and skin.

Shaving Cream

working in the same way as warm water, shaving cream helps your razor to glide smoothly over your skin. If you suffer from dry skin there are many shaving creams out there which also act as a moisturiser, keeping your skin safely hydrated and further removing the risk of irritated skin. Shaving without any cream causes your razor to drag across your skin, nicking your delicate skin and increasing your risk of in-growing hairs.

Shaving Against The Hair Growth

Shaving against the hair growth may give you a closer shave, but it damages your skin by cutting into it. To get a closer shave all you need to do is take good care of your razor.

Take Care or Your Razor

Making sure your razor is hair free after every couple of strokes is a sure way of keeping the blades clear. If you’re razor becomes dull or rusting, replace it immediately. Trying to shave with a dull razor will do nothing but further damage your delicate skin.

Shaving is good for a great many reasons, aesthetically it keeps everything neat and tidy and under control, health wise it helps to remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Cleansing your skin twice a day will help to remove any oil on your skin and prevent to formation of blackheads and spots.

If, however, you’d like to experience a sure way of removing the dead skin cells from your skin, we provide an effective and efficient Skin Peel Treatment in Birmingham for all of our clients. For more information, contact us today on 07815904578 and our friendly staff will be happy to help.


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