Main Causes Of Wrinkled Skin

As we grow older our skin begins to wrinkle. Whatever precautions we take against it, it is an unavoidable and natural part of life. However, taking care of your skin throughout life will help to make sure that your skin keeps its plump, youthful look as long as possible. Regular moisturizing and application of anti ageing products really can help to maintain the look of your skin.

At a certain point in life though, you will undoubtedly begin to see the formation of wrinkles; especially around the face. There are three layers to the human skin (the epidermis, the dermis and subcutaneous tissue) and it is the impact that time has on these that is the key to understanding why the skin wrinkles.


The epidermis is the outer layer of skin. Being constantly exposed to the elements means that it is the epidermis that shows signs of ageing first. The amount of epidermal cells that are produced drops by around 10% every decade, and these divide more slowly over time; meaning that the skin does not heal as quickly or thoroughly. The combination of this lessening in cell production, coupled with the fact that the skin holds less moisture, ensures that the epidermis will gradually show signs of ageing over time.


The dermis is the second layer of skin under the epidermis, and contains all of the structural elements of the skin that give it the elasticity that is so prevalent in youthful skin. The depletion of the dermal layer has a huge effect on the structure of the skin. The elastic fibres in the skin wear out, and this leads the skin to sag and look older.

Subcutaneous tissue

The subcutaneous tissue is mostly made up of fat cells that provide insulation, as well as giving the skin a plump appearance. As we age, these fat cells naturally get smaller and are no longer able to maintain the skins plumpness; making it sag and wrinkle.

Thankfully though, there are ways to turn back the hands of time and give your skin back that youthful vigour. Here at Fiona Clossick we offer a range of treatments for wrinkles in Birmingham, including procedures such as wrinkle treatment and dermal fillers, that will counteract the effects that ageing has on your skin. If you are unsure about which procedure is perfect for you, then why not contact us today and get the professional advice that you need?

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